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Classic Rhône-style red blend


Dry white Rhône-style blend


Oak matured dry rosé

Classical blends with a difference: The Solms-Delta range consists mainly of Rhône varietals. Three of the wines in this range have components made by the ancient method of ‘desiccation’ on the vine. Solms-Delta Koloni and Africana are made entirely from desiccated grapes. These are uniquely intense, concentrated wines. The Solms-Astor range, which consists mainly of unusual Cape blends, explores other boundaries.

Solms-Delta Hiervandaan – Red Blend. Shiraz, Carignan, Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre and the skins of Viognier. A classic Rhône-style blend with a desiccated component. Intense and aromatic.

Solms-Delta Amalie – White Blend. Viognier, Rousanne and Grenache blanc. An oak-matured dry white Rhône-style blend with a desiccated component. Intense fruit, layers of complexity and lingering finish.

Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn – Rosé blend. Mourvèdre, Grenache Noir and Viognier. An oak-matured dry rosè.


Shiraz desiccated on the vine


Desiccated desert wine

First released in 2006, two wines both made entirely from desiccated grapes were launched under the Solms-Hegewisch label. These wines are also now marketed under the Solms-Delta label.

Solms-Delta Africana – Desiccated Red. 100% Shiraz desiccated on the vine. Dark red with a floral nose, noble bitterness and intense tannins.

Solms-Delta Koloni – Desiccated White. Vino di meditazione, after-dinner wine or apertif. A blend of vine dried Muscat d’Alexandrie and Muscat de Frontignan with a surprisingly dry finish.

The latest addition under the Solms-Delta label (launched Thursday 8 July 2010) is:


Fortified Shiraz

Solms-Delta GemoedsrusDesiccated, fortified Shiraz. An entirely new concept in port-style wine: Shiraz desiccated on the vine, then fortified with Shiraz grappa.

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