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Thinking outside the wine box. Experimentation at Solms-Delta centres on developing the best wine styles that can be made under South African conditions, rather than emulating what is done elsewhere. The building blocks of this work in progress are:

  • The grape varietals of Southern Europe.
  • The desiccation technique of the ancient Greeks.
  • The varietals brought to the Cape 350 years ago that have developed unique characters here.

Now it’s time to play – by combining these fundamentals in imaginative ways, and (more recently) even introducing South Africa’s rich heritage of indigenous ingredients and traditional beverages into the mix.

We currently have 2 products under the Dik Delta label.


Dik Delta iKarri


Dik Delta Perry

We welcome you to come on our cellar tour and learn about our experimental range, only available at the estate, and also enjoy a tasting of Solms-Delta wines. If you would like to be kept informed about our ‘experiments’ follow us on Twitter.