Social History and Wine


Tour Guides: Mercia Willemse, Sanna Malgas


Solms-Delta has been at the forefront of redressing the social and economic legacy of South Africa’s past, not only for the people living on our farm, but also for the wider Cape Winelands community. The aim of the Wijn de Caab Trust is to break the cycle of poverty and dependency among wine farm tenant-workers and employees. See for yourself the changes that have been brought about by programmes aimed at transforming housing, education, medical care and general quality of life for farm residents. This tour also enables you to discover what has always made Solms-Delta unique: our people. The tour leaders will openly share the heartfelt stories of their past, as well as describe the changes they have experienced in the present, and their hopes for a better future.

Tour duration: 1hour 30mins
Please book this tour at least two days in advance.

This is a long walking tour. This tour is only available Monday to Friday no later than 12noon.

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