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Fyndraai Media Reviews

Kim Maxwell, ‘www.flavourthecape.co.za’
Food & wine pairings: “…the food is filling enough as a light meal. The pairings are clever and the food very tasty.”

‘Wine Tourism Handbook’
“the food revels in a multitude of spicy influences…”

Abigail Donnelly, ‘Eat Out 2010’
“truly unique South African flavours… Well presented, elegant and superbly cooked.”

Eat Out 2010
Fyndraai: “Truly unique South African flavours” [Rated one of the 10 best in the country for service].

Nancy Richards – SAfm & Country Life
“Fyndraai is absolutely, (not even basically!) lovely! Perfect day, treated like royalty and a delight to taste the food.”

Hilary Prendini Toffoli – Style & Financial Mail
“A very interesting day – the wine-tasting and museum to start with and then a great lunch. I think (chef) Shaun Schoeman is a coup.”

Nikki Werner – Fairlady food editor
“Very impressed with the food and the service and the general ethos of the farm.”

Jeanne Viall – freelance
“Our lunch was absolutely fabulous… My guests were very happy – out from England – and it was beautiful day. We only left at 4pm.”

Kristen Pitout – SA Garden
“Fyndraai is awesome, I was so impressed with everything…superb food & wine.”

Ingrid Motteux – Platter Guide & WineWise
“What a FABULOUS lunch we had. I’ve already raved to everybody I’ve seen since. Great value for that sort of quality. (And that’s my honest feedback!).”

Nikki Lordan –  wine.co.za
Lunch at Fyndraai: “We really enjoyed it – what an unique winetasting/lunch/museum experience!”

Brian Berkman – www.BrianBerkman.com & 48 Hours
“We had such a grand time, I was very impressed.”


Abigail Donnelly, Eat Out
“Truly unique South African flavours…from the buchu crust on the fresh line fish to the stewed tomatoes that accompany the spicy beef frikadelle. Well presented, elegant and superbly cooked….and the malva pudding with sour fig sauce and nutty ice cream is a must.”

Aletta Lintvelt – TASTE
“History has brought together, through serendipity or grand design, the ingredients that allow Fyndraai restaurant to live up to its claim of being proudly ‘hiervandaan’ (from this place).”

Angela Lloyd, ‘Grape’
“The food…is outstanding and….mirrors the local history…i.e. Food of Origin! Unusual and delicious was my oven-baked butternut flan served with korrelkonfyt (grape jam), smoked vegetables and roomkaasous (cream cheese sauce) partnered with the Solms Amalie white blend. A plaas with class that deserves widespread support.”

Brian Berkman’s blog
“Fyndraai restaurant at Solms-Delta in Franschhoek pushes this culinary bar even higher producing local heritage cuisine at a reasonable price….while delivering it with superb service.”

Eat Out 2010
‘truly unique South African flavours’ (rated one of the 10 best in the country for service.)

Rossouw’s restaurants 2010
“The service is charmingly local…. Relax into a country lunch from the innovative menu of Cape classics….. very unusual and interesting….a worthwhile trip indeed.”

Chris von Ulmenstein, ‘The Franschhoek Month’
“Little could beat the country feelling…..local music…..creating a peaceful ambiance…..Fyndraai is worth a return visit.”