Music van de Caab

Music van de Caab

Add a unique element to your function, team-building event or wedding at Solms-Delta by bringing in some of the most authentic music around to make your time with us unforgettable!

The Background – Cape music research project

In 2007 the Delta Trust embarked on a Cape music project which aimed to document and interpret the musical traditions of the Cape interior as well as identify local (mainly rural) musicians who played in the Cape vernacular styles. Fieldwork consisting of interviews with musicians in the surrounding region, and on our very own farm, and more formal academic research into the origins of Cape music was initiated.

Conducting field recordings of indigenous and local music, as played and composed on our own farm and in neighboring communities, unexpectedly led to the discovery of an unimagined wealth of local talent and materials, which is now part of the Music van de Caab project.

In addition to a formal exhibition space at Solms-Delta which forms part of the experience at the Estate and is open to the public, the project also includes an indigenous instrument workshop, where our local farm musicians have been trained how to make and play these indigenous instruments.

The Delta Trust funded the making of a selection of replicas of these instruments, so that visitors to the exhibition can experience how they feel and sound. Our selection includes ankle rattles made of springbok ears and moth cocoons; bull-roarers; stopped flutes made from animal horns; seaweed horns; reed flutes; musical bows; ramkies made from a calabash or tin can and even a blik guitar to name just a few. Many of the instruments we have chosen to replicate relate specifically to San or Khoe groups within Southern Africa.

The Solms-Delta Oesfees

This passion for local music led to the world-famous ATKV Solms-Delta Oesfees which was held for many years in March, and brought a wide selection of indigenous music to an appreciative public. It was also a showcase for the Music van de Caab project run by Adriaan Brand of Springbok Nude Girls and an important part of this festival were the performances by Solms-Delta’s very own home-grown bands amongst all the top talent.

Add authentic flair to your event….bring in local music!

The Solms-Delta music acts are:

  • Klein-Handjies pre-school choir
  • The Langbroeke are a smaller brass ensemble that grew out of the Delta Valley entertainers. Unlike the marching band, the Langbroeke are a “serious” stage band (as their name suggests).
  • The Delta Soetstemme is a still growing choir, currently around 15 voices strong. They perform a mixture of traditional songs and “koortjies”, with some new songs written partly by the choir themselves.
  • Lekker Lekker Delta can be booked for truly spectacular events as the Music van de Caab flagship ensemble. It can be conceptualized as a kind of rural mini-oratorio: The Delta Soetstemme choir is joined by the Delta Langbroek band, with music project staff accompaniment backline.

Many of these acts are available for events, and over and above creating a sense of the historic and authentic when enjoying time at Solms-Delta, the fees paid assist with continuing the training and upkeep of the musical groups.

From a rousing musical welcome to a toe-tapping show during the programme, or just the cuteness factor of the Klein-Handjies choir – we will make your time with us unforgettable.

Planning your programme

When planning your event at Solms-Delta feel free to ask for a quote or how to incorporate one or more of the acts in your programme.  Donations are welcome and enquiries can be made at about how to assist and get involved.

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