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One of the main aims of the Museum van de Caab is to research the social and cultural heritage of the Solms-Delta estate and surrounding region, highlighting the often silent and marginalized voices, alongside the dominant narratives, that together contributed to making South Africa what it is today. The Museum is especially committed to making this research publicly available to local communities. Ensuring that all people, especially people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, have access to history and participate in the interpretation of their own heritage and identities, is part of the Museum’s mission.

A larger project, which will commence in 2010, centres on the establishment of a community research centre, library and artefact repository (of the archaeologically excavated material so far uncovered on the farm). The centrepiece of this research centre is the creation of a genealogical database for current inhabitants (and descendants of past inhabitants) of the Drakenstein and surrounding rural region. To make already researched information available to the general public, and to offer guidance to people from genealogically under-researched backgrounds who wish to undertake their own research, is the primary aim of this resource. We anticipate that locals of indigenous (Khoe-San) and slave (mainly South-East Asian but also East African) descent will make special use of this resource.