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Whether through our wine, our music, our cuisine, our environment, or simply through our museums, Solms-Delta’s heartfelt mission is to embrace and celebrate all that it means to be South African. In the third decade of our democracy, what “South African-ness” stands for has started to change. Hidden or ignored narratives have revealed themselves, and our appreciation of our heritage has become far more inclusive. We have discovered that our history, however difficult, painful and complex – as well as inspiring – is the shared basis for our future. In everything we do at Solms-Delta we try to honour what it means to be South African, to be Hiervandaan, in an honest and open way that unites all of our people, cultures, languages, musical styles, culinary traditions, flora and fauna, historic landscapes and buildings.

Admission to the museums is charged at R10 per person. Guided tours are charged at R50 per person (seniors and students under 18 R25 per person). Guided tours including a wine tasting of six different wines are charged at R70 per person.

Farm Tours
To celebrate the history and achievements in recent years, the estate offers various special interest farm tours to explore the history, the music, the food and the people of a bygone era.

Call the Museum on + 27 (0)21- 874-3937 ext 134/135
– Wine Tasting & Sales ext: 114/115
– Cellar ext: 126

(Should the farm phone lines be out of order i.e. no answer – then try 079 373 7811)