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hannes-coetzee-thrills-the-crowdsFranschhoek Harvest Festival

Music-loving Richard Astor is the force behind this Cape rural musical festival that was inaugurated at Solms-Delta in April 2008, and is now an annual event. The Franschhoek Oesfees, South Africa’s authentic harvest festival, takes the form of a heartfelt ‘thank-you’ to the valley’s farm-workers, to celebrate their hard work and bless the year’s harvest. Complementary admission is extended to the workers of all Franschhoek Valley farms, but limited tickets are also available to the general public. Each year the festival team scouts the winelands and hand picks a number of local musical gems. These amateur and professional bands from all over the Boland flock to Solms-Delta’s outdoor stage, entertaining thousands of revelers who bop and sway to the sounds of goema, Cape Jazz, langarm, vastrap and boeremusiek. Rustic local cuisine is served all day.

The next Oesfees will be held on 21st March 2015. 

View all the past Oesfees events on video clips below:

Oesfees 2012:

Franschhoek Oesfees 2012 at Solms-Delta from Solms-Delta on Vimeo.

Oesfees 2011:

Franschhoek Oesfees 2011 at Solms-Delta from Solms-Delta on Vimeo.

Oesfees 2010:

Franschhoek Oesfees 2010 from Solms-Delta on Vimeo.

Oesfees 2009:

Oesfees 2008:

Franschhoek Oesfees 2008 at Solms-Delta wine estate from Solms-Delta on Vimeo.

The Franschhoek Oesfees prides itself on being an inclusive celebration, bringing together farm workers, wine producers and music lovers, to enjoy the festivities with a focus on authentic Cape cultural heritage.

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