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Franschhoek Uncorked at Solms-Delta

Franschhoek Uncorked is an annual celebration of spring in the valley where wine estates are given the opportunity to showcase their new vintages. It is a series of wine tastings between participating wine farms of the area, of which Solms-Delta is one.

This year the Festival takes place on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 September 2013.
Celebrate all things “van die Kaap” at Solms-Delta: Cape music, Kaapse food, Kaapse wine and a visit to the Museum van der Caab.  Regular performances of lively traditional music from the rural Cape and pairings of exquisite Cape fusion food with award-winning Cape wines. Stay a while and enjoy the a la carte lunch, or for those on the move from farm to farm and unable to linger, choose the quick and easy-to-order special Uncorked Cape Style Deli Platter.

Musical line-up

11:00-11:30 Delta Four (staff band)
11:35-12:00 Delta Optelband (songwriting class for youngsters)
12:05-12:20 Klein Handjies (creche choir)
12:20-12:30 Clowning (drama programme)
12:30-12:50 Delta Valley Entertainers and Delta Trompoppies (klopse!)
12:50-13:40 Delta Soetstemme (choir, music and dance history tour)
13:40-13:50 Clowning (drama programme)
13:50:14:20 Delta Langbroekband and Delta Four (gatskop!)
14:20-14:30 Delta Riel Dancers (grassroots boogie)
14:30-14:50 Delta Valley Entertainers and Delta Trompoppies reprise
14:50-15:20 Delta Soetstemme and Delta Four (choir and staff band)
15:20-16:00 Lekker Lekker Delta (the project flagship act, choir, stage band and staff band together – watch out for this one!)
16:05-16:30 Delta Optelband reprise
16:30-17:00 Delta Four (staff band play-out)

Fyndraai Menu

Cape curried fish parcel, cooked with wild garlic, ginger, coconut and masala flavours, served with a warm crushed potato and crayfish salad and tomato viniagrette.

Marinated vegetable roll, baked with goat’s cheese and marinated mozzarella, served in a potato and garlic cream sauce

Waterblommetjie bredie potjie, cooked with Karoo lamb, served with seasonal vegetable and wild rosemary flavoured basmati rice

Chicken and prawn breyani masala, served with pan-fried roti and cucumber yogurt

Venison pie, served with red onion marmelade, sweet corn salsa, sautèed aubergine and wild mushrooms, black peppercorn sauce

Grilled Karan Rib-eye topped with matured cheddar crust, fried potatoes, sautèed black mushrooms and served with a pesto butter sauce

Fyndraai Cape Style Deli Platter

Barbequed snoek and patats served with korrel konfyt and a west coast snoek biltong salad
Basted grileld smoked pork ribs, served with a tangy creamy garlic potato salad
Sesame tandoori chicken
babotie samosas, mint yoghurt dressing and coriander chutney
Venison pie and fried pickled ox tonque, sautèed pearl onion and wild mushroom and pear cider sauce
Traditional pampoenkoekies served with a Dik Delta vegetable bake and smoked goat’s cheese
R98 per person

To book email or call 021 874 3937.

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