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Solms-Delta has recently joined the 110% GREEN Campaign. This campaign is in support of the Western Cape Government’s intent to position itself as the Green Economic Hub of South Africa. The 110% GREEN campaign was launched on June 5, 2012 (World Environment Day). The Premier of the Western Cape has asked organisations to lead by example and commit to flagship projects that support the growth of the green economy.

We have committed to set-up a functional recycling waste collection / sorting site on the farm. A full-time “sorter” has been employed to sort the waste into recyclable / non-recyclable waste, weigh the recyclable waste, make sure it is ready for collection and ensure the recycling site is kept neat and tidy.

The waste is collected daily by our internal farm team from the following sites on the farm: restaurant, cellar, offices, two workers villages and four stand alone residences; and from the following sites off the farm: the neighbouring Deltacrest housing estate and the Groot Drakenstein Games Club. The residents and workers on the farm have been educated on why we need to recycle and what is recyclable. This means that the initial sorting takes place at the point of origin. The organic waste from the restaurant kitchen, for example, is kept separate and sent to either our worm farm or composting area.

All recyclable material is collected from our central recycling site by a private company “Solutions for Waste” on a regular basis. They work closely with our team, assisting us with staff training and community education, and report back to us on the amount of recyclable waste that we generate.