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110% GREEN

Solms-Delta has recently joined the 110% Green Campaign as a flagship project. This campaign is in support of the Western Cape Government’s intent to position itself as the Green Economic Hub of South Africa. Click here to read more about the 110% Green Campaign.


As part of the 110% Green Campaign we have made a commitment to start recycling, reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill, create jobs and educate our employees and residents about caring for our environment and preserving our natural resources. Click here to read more about our recycling project.


Our sandy, depleted soils in Dik Delta were in serious need of some attention so that they are able to produce healthy and vigorous plants, in quantities large enough to supply our Fyndraai restaurant. Worm composting is a process where earthworms are used to process waste materials into a valuable fertiliser. Click here to read more about our worm farm project.


An unused portion of farmland on Solms-Delta has been developed into an indigenous culinary garden and fynbos/ renosterveld  park, called Dik Delta.  Over the last 320 years this neglected piece of land has seen various uses, initially as grazing land, then as a citrus orchard, and finally as a veritable dumping site. Click here to read about how we have transformed this deserted land into an abundant garden.