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The Wijn de Caab Trust: three-way partnership

The mission of the Wijn de Caab Trust, established in 2005, is to break the cycle of poverty and dependency among historically disadvantaged tenants and employees on the Solms-Delta estate. In South Africa’s rural agricultural areas, the children of farm workers have been all but obliged to become farm workers themselves. The Trust aims to broaden their horizons by creating educational opportunities and minimizing the burdens on their parents, while simultaneously improving the quality of life on the farm.

Since 2007, The Wijn de Caab Trust has been a one-third owner of the three adjacent farms that comprise Solms-Delta, and receives 33% of the profits from Solms-Delta wine sales.

The trust has engaged in a major drive to improve the quality of accommodation on the Solms-Delta farms. New, attractive houses for workers and residents have been built, and existing houses have been renovated and upgraded, all fitted with satellite television.

While primary and secondary education is virtually subsidized by the government, the Trust covers the additional costs of ‘model C’ education, as well as vital remedial help and other forms of educational assistance. Crèche facilities and an after-school Educational Centre are currently being established. Financial support for tertiary education is available to qualified learners, and an active adult education programme is also supported.

High quality medical care is an important component of the Trust, which covers 85% of its beneficiaries’ medical and dental bills. In addition, a variety of sporting and recreational facilities, along with coaching, are supported.

These programmes are overseen by a full-time social worker.