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The South African branch of the Solms family descended from the Solms-Königsberg line. Take a look at the complete Solms family tree.

This branch apparently left their ancestral lands in the mid 1500s when the Lutheran confession was introduced there by the head of the Solms-Braunfels line. They moved to the Rheinhessen region – near Mainz – and wine farming, which had previously been a relatively small part of the family’s activities, now became its principle focus.

family-house-old-smallThis wine-farming branch re-established itself in the New World seven generations ago, when one of its members – Johann Adam – sailed to the Cape. The immediate precipitant of the move seems to have been the early death of Johann Adam’s wife Ursula Fassnacht and their infant daughter Christina. He was accompanied by his five surviving children: Johann Georg, Wilhelm, Leonhard, Michael and Lorenz.

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A second branch of the family, from the Solms-Baruth line, arrived in South Africa after World War II. This was headed by Friedrich Hermann, 3rd Prince of Solms-Baruth, who was exiled after being jailed by the Nazis following the July 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. He was accompanied by his wife Princess Adelheid of Schleswig-Holstein and five children: Friedrich Wilhelm, Friederike, Feodora, Rosa and Caroline. This branch first moved to Namibia (then South West Africa) before settling in the Cape in the 1960s.

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