Inkwell Zwelithini, Meisiekind and Riri join the Solms-Delta Family!

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November 7th, 2013
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October has bestowed Solms-Delta with substantially earlier sunrises, sunnier Sunday afternoons, sudden downpours of summer rain and some bright green leaves on our vineyard vines. Most noteworthy, however, are the three new additions to our already glorious herd of Sanga Cattle*, who roam the pastures at Dik Delta Fynbos Culinary Garden at Solms-Delta.

20131025_091236Inkwell Zwelithini, (so named because of her black ink spots and typically Zulu regal demeanour) was born to a proud Maybeline on the 5th of October, Black Maiden gave birth to Meisiekind (a coy and camera-shy little girl) on the 27th, and our newest addition, RiRi (who has a bright Diamond on her forehead and was thus named after the international pop star Rhiana) joined the world on Monday 28th October. With two more calves on the way (Ouma is expected to give birth sometime today or tomorrow, and Ounooi over the weekend), by early November Solms-Delta will be home to 16 healthy Sanga Cattle!

The big old bull, Oupa, could unfortunately not be reached for comment.

*The indigenous cattle of Southern Africa are collectively known as Sanga Cattle. These cattle have a typical cervico-thoracic hump, lyre shaped horns with a cylindrical core, they are medium sized and are very well adapted to grazing. It is believed that the Sanga entered Southern Africa some 500 years BC after migrating South through Africa with their nomadic owners.

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By Kyle Solms


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