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October 29th, 2013
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The latest addition to the Solms-Delta cellar is 42 new demi muid (500L oak) barrels imported from France from various Coopers. Our style will be shifting to use bigger oak to have less extraction – which is in line with our continuous quest to create wines that better express balance and sense of terroir (the specific site where the grapes are grown) better.
The final blending of Solms-Delta Africana 2012, Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn 2013 and Solms-Delta Hiervandaan 2012 has recently taken place. All wines are showing good fruit expression and we look forward to the upcoming bottlings before year-end.

The latest batch of Dik Delta iKarri (Honey Mead) is currently halfway through fermentation. We’ve used extraordinary Heather Honey – sourced from Koggelberg Nature Reserve – which is dark in colour with strong distinctive fynbos flavours.

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