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October 25th, 2012
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We have a large succulent “carpet” of suurvy (West Coast sourfig), at the entrance to the Dik Delta garden. These plants have bright yellow flowers that fade to pink with age. The juice of the leaves are used to treat skin ailments and stings. Suurvy have pulpy edible fruits. The base of the capsule is cut off and the syrup squeezed out. The fruit has a distinctive, salty, sour taste and is used to make tasty jams and preserves. Johan and his team must time the harvest exactly right so that the fruit are ripe, but have not dried out.  Harvesting takes place from November to January.

The addition of the new vineyards alongside the Dik Delta garden have led to the propagation of numerous spekboom (Elephant’s foot) plants to serve as cover crop between the vines.  Spekboom is known for its ability to absorb and store excess carbon in the soil.  This puts it in the same league as some forests, and is an eco-friendly choice of crop cover.

By Cathy Macfarlane – GM at Solms-Delta

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