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October 25th, 2012
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One fast moving tortoise-like/turtle-like creature
By whom
The vineyard manager, Francois Vermeulen
In Francois’ garden
Last Week
Hard, weathered, flat shell
Dark brown
Long scaly neck, beady eye, sharp little claws
Shy, unfriendly
Runs pretty fast for a tortoise. (I would not call it slow and steady; if given the chance it would have beaten that hare in a straight sprint)
Uncooperative when trying to photograph (would not win a beauty competition)


What should you do?
If you know its name – whether scientific, common or pet – let Cathy know.
Where is it now?
It was released next to the farm dam, maybe you will spot it next time you are having a picnic.

By Cathy Macfarlane – GM at Solms-Delta

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