Food and Wine Pairings in the Cape Winelands

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March 23rd, 2010

Travel to the culinary capital of the Cape Winelands for a food and wine pairing par excellence.

The best food and wine pairings are those that evoke the pleasure of taste, sight and smell. In the Cape Winelands, your senses will be roused by breathtaking beauty of the landscape, the nose of acclaimed wines, and the flavours of fine cuisine.

Some of the world’s best wines are produced in Franschhoek, the “French Corner” of the Cape Winelands And many estates have also turned their attention to preparing gourmet cuisine. Thus, when you visit the Cape Winelands, you can experience superb food and wine paired by the best in the industry.

An ideal way to sample the fruits of the Cape Winelands is by enjoying wine tastings and meals in Franschhoek. Better yet, indulge in a wine and food pairing tour, such as the one offered by Fyndraai restaurant of Solms-Delta. There are few places in South Africa where you’ll be treated to such gastronomic excellence, so be sure to experience the Cape food and wine pairing tour prepared by this top restaurant at the Solms-Delta wine farm.

Highlights of food and wine pairings in Franschhoek
Although a good wine can be enjoyed on its own, there is something satisfying about pairing it with a delicious meal. Franschhoek is home to many of South Africa’s food and wine experts, and these connoisseurs skilfully prepare the most sensational seasonal combinations.

The highlight of any food and wine pairing in Franschhoek must be the opportunity to enjoy the best of the area’s wine and food under the guidance of experts who will ensure a memorable meal for even the most discerning gourmet.

Apart from experiencing mouth-watering combinations, participants of these tours can learn to create their own pairings at home. This is a highlight for anyone who enjoys entertaining or simply appreciates the perfect marrying of food and wine.

And of course, food and wine tours in Franschhoek explore the culinary traditions of the region, offering insight into the styles and influences of local and traditional dishes.

Learning how to create the perfect food and wine pairing
In general, food is best paired with the wine it “grew up with”, which means that South African wines pair well with South African food. In Franschhoek, many chefs and winemakers observe this philosophy, serving their guests local cuisine to compliment the wine from the region. At Fyndraai restaurant, for example,the estate’s wines match superbly the menu that introduces traditional food of the Cape, with fine flare.

Various tours offer different types of wine pairing options and you will take away not only a memorable Cape Winelands culinary experience but the knowledge to help you to enjoy the perfect pairing, at home.

Treat yourself to a food and wine pairing in Franschhoek, and experience this culinary capital of South Africa.

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