Welcome to Solms-Delta

A Franschhoek wine farm with a difference

Solms-Delta is much more than a wine estate. Located 15km outside the village of Franschhoek in the heart of the Cape Winelands, the magnificent wine estate produces classical wines with a difference… In fact everything about Solms-Delta is different.

Click here to view a short film titled Welcome to Solms-Delta wine estate, by Anna Telford from Butterfly Films.

In addition to its highly acclaimed wines, Solms-Delta offers a variety of highlights throughout the seasons. Experience picnics all year round in its magical forest, modern Cape cuisine at its renowned Fyndraai restaurant, and an annual harvest festival that draws visitors from near and far.

The beautiful Franschhoek wine farm estate also features a museum that explores the slave heritage of the area, and six special interest guided wine farm tours that exceed the conventional wine tasting experience.

Sample innovative wines and the finest in local cuisine at Solms-Delta Wine Estate, a leading Franschhoek wine farm in the Cape Winelands.


We invite you to enjoy a guided tasting of the Solms-Delta wines with us, or experience an authentic Franschhoek wine farm or museum tour. Also be sure to book a picnic in the estate’s enchanting riverside forest, or to explore hearty Cape cuisine at our Fyndraai restaurant.

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Dik Delta’s Healing Herbs Dik Delta’s Healing Herbs

We have to hand it to our indigenous Khoe and San ancestors, they really knew about sustainability and how to find everything they needed in nature without destroying its future. And it seems that nature had an answer for every ailment too. Take the succulent known as ‘kougoed’ (Sceletium tortuosum; ‘kougoed’ literally means, ‘chew(able) things’ or ‘something to chew’), not only was it used as a natural mood enhancer it also happens to cure headaches, constipation and toothache. As one Khoe woman explained, “ ‘kougoed’ makes you love the whole world. It doesn’t matter how angry you are, eat just a little ‘kougoed’ and you will forget about your bad mood. It won’t make you fall down, walk with a high step, wake up with a hangover or go to jail…it won’t make you drunk or aggressive, but you will believe that no one is richer or more beautiful than you”. We could perhaps all do with a dose of that, especially on a Monday morning.

December Cellar Door Savings December Cellar Door Savings

This cute 500ml bottle is to be replaced by a 750ml bottle in the new year. Enjoy our festive season special until 31 December in a never-to-be-repeated offer!